Production Manager

Plant City, FL, US

Position Summary


The Production Manager manages the daily operation of a production line in a high speed, high volume manufacturing environment.  Additionally, the Production Manager develops and implements activities in production area(s) to meet safety, quality and production design goals in addition to cost objectives, and promoting a strong team atmosphere.  As a member of the Production Department the Production Manager reports to the Plant Manager.


Position Responsibilities


Actively leads and supports the plant safety programs by:  (20%)


  • Promoting a safety conscious culture through actions and accountability;
  • Providing daily updates on safety issues and training topics to the crew;
  • Performing incident investigations as needed for personal injuries and property damage;
  • Identifying and correcting hazards in the plant, both safety and environmental;
  • Holding individuals accountable for work area and general plant housekeeping; and
  • Recognizing employees for exceptional performance in regards to safety.


Routinely verifies conformance of material being produced to meet or exceed the 98% first pass quality standard by:  (20%)


  • Monitoring quality parameters of material produced and make adjustments as needed (Green Sheet, LECO, MOR, ILB);
  • Ensuring that all employees are properly trained on quality specifications and are accurately using testing equipment;
  • Actively pursuing and correcting issues that negatively effect the quality of the board;
  • Recognizing employees for exceptional performance in regards to quality; and
  • Promoting a quality-conscious culture through actions and accountability.


Understands the waste, speed, and delay design for each product on each machine, then meets or exceeds design by:  (20%)


  • Recommending improvements and/or upgrades to optimize throughputs;
  • Becoming engaged in the production run plan and making suggestions to improve;
  • Coordinating daily activities, which include the run plan, clean up, and changeovers to best utilize resources and maximize efficiency;
  • Planning and managing all downtime events on the crew to target 95% plus “time to efficiency” (TTE), this would include but is not limited to: wash ups, product changeovers, size changeovers and unscheduled downtime;
  • Developing strategies to close design throughput gaps and improve TTE; and
  • Recognizing employees for exceptional production performance.


Actively pursues ways to meet site yield expectation of 95% or higher by:  (20%)


  • Reducing rejects to below 2%;
  • Achieving greater than 95% site yield;
  • Recognizing employees for exceptional performance and the ability to control cost;
  • Reducing interleaver usage by managing an effective plan to eliminate transit damage; and
  • Effectively managing overtime (OT) at or below 18%.


Creates an environment that promotes positive teamwork and accomplishments by:  (20%)


  • Recognizing employees for exceptional performance in regards to retention;
  • Recruiting high quality employees;
  • Maintaining an environment of mutual trust and respect;
  • Providing clear direction for employees to follow and support;
  • Conducting performance evaluations on a bi-annual basis;
  • Organizing manning to best utilize each individual contribution to the team;
  • Enforcing all Company policies;
  • Documenting all coaching sessions;
  • Promoting training for employees and managing for Level 2 certifications in all positions;
  • Reviewing each employee’s career track with him/her on a quarterly basis and then ensuring progress;
  • Speaking to each supervisor one-on-one daily, taking notes afterwards to address or anticipate issues; and
  • Communicating daily on the issue of job performance, be fair, consistent, and objective.


The position responsibilities outlined above are in no way to be construed as all encompassing.  Other duties, responsibilities, and qualifications may be required and/or assigned as necessary.


Quantitative Dimensions

Decision Making:

The Production Manager makes decisions regarding safety, quality, cost, people and production under the direction of the Plant Manager.  The incumbent revises production schedules and priorities as result of equipment failure or operating problems.

Supervisory/Lead Responsibilities:

The Production Manager manages a General Foreman, 4 Production Supervisors and leads the overall department of 40 employees in a continuous manufacturing environment by planning and assigning work, implementing policies and procedures, and recommending improvements in production methods, equipment, operating procedures, and working conditions.




Position Requirements

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:


  • Demonstrated ability to effectively take action to solve problems while exhibiting sound judgment and successful stress tolerance.
  • Demonstrated ability to act independently upon information and make decisions that achieve optimal results.
  • Strong interpersonal and written/oral communication skills (bilingual Spanish preferred).
  • Knowledge of Six Sigma or Qualpro (preferred).
  • Demonstrated intermediate skills with the standard features of various personal computer word processing and spreadsheet software (Microsoft Word and Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Internet, and other proprietary software).
  • Demonstrated ability to lead people and get results through others.
  • Demonstrated ability to think ahead and plan over a 30-day time span and prepare action plans to achieve results.
  • Demonstrated ability to measure an employee’s performance to goals.
  • Ability to balance and achieve positive results in the areas of safety, employee relations, quality, productivity and cost.
  • Ability to successfully manage multiple tasks and prioritize workload while paying attention to detail.
  • Demonstrated ability to function as a strong team player.




  • Bachelor’s Degree Preferred
  • 4 or more years in a management role in a high speed manufacturing environment with two or more years of experience managing others.














Job Segment: Industrial, Production Manager, Machinist, Six Sigma, Testing, Manufacturing, Management, Technology